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Dear Students,

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you all to this wonderful school Delhi Public School, Mysore.  DPSM plays a great role in grooming the young students with values that will last their life time to lead a meaningful life.  The school believes in providing individual attention to identify the talents and nurture them carefully, to make the students blossom in to beautiful flowers.

 Time flies faster than anything in the world.  The school has successfully completed one academic year and it has already made a mark in Mysore by providing quality education with individual care.  A new year has begun.  We have many hopes and wishes for 2013 - 14 and we hope to make our students hard thinkers, to think about the things that they have to say and do to become good human beings.

To make our students academically stronger is our goal.  At the same time, there lies the big responsibility of  making our students as global citizens on our shoulders.  To give such exposure to our students the academic / co - curricular activities are incorporated as thematic assemblies, celebrations and cultural shows which are our special strength to make the students enjoy learning in the most loving and respectable environment.  Discipline is an important factor that decides ones character.  So, dear students, have the responsibility of listening to your elders in school and at home.  Believe in developing good habits that will lead you to have good characters.  Always set a realistic goal.  Work towards achieving it.  Use the sense of accomplishment to work towards better goals in life.  It is your school, enjoy coming to school everyday.  

I wish you all great learning and great going ahead in life.

With regards

Mrs Geetha Kandaraji

Officiating Principal

D.P.S, Mysore.






  • Induction of Staff & Orientation of Staff and Parents
    Induction of Staff & Orientation of Staff and Parents

    New Staff induction and Staff Orientation

    Principal Mrs. Geetha Kandaraji conducted a 2 days induction and orientation programme for the teachers. The main objective of the orientation programme was to transform the teachers into creative and learning teachers. The newly recruited teachers were engaged with the existing staff through social collaboration, development and competency training opportunities and the creation of leadership paths.

    The principal motivated the teachers through her presentation to acquire and improve their skills of teaching and be cognizant of the latest development in their subjects to envisage a better learning outcome.

    Parents’ orientation (Senior Classes)

    Orientation conducted for Parents by the Principal Mrs. Geetha Kandaraji provided a preliminary view of the academic year and helped them equip themselves to provide support and cooperation to the school for their wards’ overall development.

    The parents were acquainted with the conundrums that students face and were guided about helping their children cope with them.

    Parents’ Orientation (Kindergarten)


    Principal Mrs. Geetha Kandaraji addressed the parents of Kindergarteners in the orientation programme and enlightened them about the role of parents in facilitating better learning among children. Parents were asked to reiterate all that is taught in school by playing with their children, telling them stories and nurture the creative skills.

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  • Children’s Day out at DPSM
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  • Children’s Day out at DPSM- 29.03.14
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